School events are programmes aside the day to day routine of students and staff. Some major events are as follows

1. PTA MEETINGS-These meetings take place once in every term. It is a forum for parents, staff members and school authority to deliberate on matters and issues concerning the wellbeing of the school community and its members.

2. Visiting day, this coincides with the PTA meeting , this an opportunity to see their children and share some moments of reflection.

3. Open Day-This occasion is set aside to enable parents to visit the college to have first hand information about their wards’ activities and general comportment in the school.

4. Inter House Sports- This event is organized for the student body to showcase their various sporting talents. The students are compete among themselves as grouped into houses shown below:

• Ahmadu Bello House (Green)
• Nnamdi Azikiwe House (Red)
• Kwame Nkrumah House (Yellow)
• Kofi Anan House (Blue)
Parents are normally invited to grace the occasion and they are also allowed to participate in order to make the event more exciting.

5.Educational Tour/Excursion- This event is organized once annually to Ghana or any other country with tourist attraction. This excursion is more educational than leisure to the students.

6. Academic Competitions-The school usually organized educational competitions such as Debates, Quiz, and talent hunt, among others for the students every term in the academic year.

7. Student of the month:- In other to maintain discipline and academic excellence six students are honoured with an award of student of the month.