Academic Programmes

Pre Test: This is a form of exercise given on the first day of resumption to assess students previous knowledge on the subjects they offer. This exercise, therefore, assists teachers to identify the strong and the weak spots of the students in the school.

Post Test: This test is conducted for students to enable the teacher to see how much they have been able to achieve from the beginning of the term.

Mock Test: This type of examination is normally conducted for students preparing for their final external examination to test their level of preparedness towards the task ahead.

Holiday Assignment: This is a form of exercise normally given to students while on holiday to keep them busy and prepare them for the coming term.

Continuous Assessment (CA): This assessment is made up of all class exercises, home work and class tests of a term. It is graded at 30% which will be added to the terminal examination which is graded at 70% to give a total score of 100%.

Terminal Examination: The terminal examination is usually conducted at the end of every term for students to assess all that they learn within the term. It is graded at 70% which will be added to the continuous assessment score (30%) to give a total score of 100%.

Intervention Programme: The intervention programme is designed for students who are identified to have difficulty in some subjects. It aims purposely to keep students at their best to enable them to achieve their academic difficulty. In this regard, special classes are organized for some selected students who failed to score 60% of a trial test organized for all students from JS1 to SS3 after the first two weeks of effective teaching and learning. After two weeks of the intervention classes for such selected students, the previous trial test is conducted again for them to assess their understanding of all that is taught and learnt. The exercise continues for the whole term to enable the students of this special programme to catch up with their colleagues in their classes.

Mathematics Enhancement Programme: This programme is designed for students who have special challenges in Mathematics. Such students are taken back to the rudimentary aspect of the Mathematics in order to build a bridge towards the understanding the subject. The programme motivates students to love Mathematics and discard the phobia about the subject.

Terminal Reports: This is a statement of result of the examination for a particular term. Every students report is normally posted to their respective parents at the end of every term to inform them of their wards performance in the school. Students Scores are calculated cumulatively at the end of every session; this is used to decide promotion into the next class.